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Immix Shimmer metallic spray Rowdy Rust 50 ML

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Immix Shimmer metallic spray by expressions craft is water-based ink composed of pearlescent powders, dyes, special adhesive substances and purified water. “Metallic spray” is non-toxic, acid free. It is specially designed for art journaling,backgrounds on cards, or mixed media art projects. It also coats paper, cardboard, fibre board, wood, fabric, and any primed surfaces. The palette consists of soft and bright natural colors. After drying it creates a matte surface with a metallic shine. Thecolors are blended together to form new tints and shades.

Size : 50 ML(1.07 oz.)


  • Shimmer particles settle to the bottom of the bottle after some time. The spray should be shaken vigorously before every use.
  • Work with wearing hand gloves
  • After work clean the sprayer with a wet cloth and put on the protective cap
  • Store it in cool and dry place
  • Do not give it to children below 14 yrs

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Rowdy Rust
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