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immix chroma Burst – FRESH WATER Metallic pigmented powder15 gms

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immix chroma burst (metallic) from expressions craft is high pigment-containing powder When diluted with water, a water color paint effect can be achieved, and spray mist paint can be instantly in a spray bottle.

immix chroma burst – a special water-soluble, very thin pigment powder with the addition of metallic & pearlescent powders.

Designed to create a liquid watercolor, color texture pastes, ink, gels, paints with metallic and pearl effects. Suitable for decorative DIY craft purposes as well as for traditional painting. immix chroma burst can be used on paper, canvas, fabric, cardboard, wood, or any other primed surface. The powder perfectly soluble in water, acrylic mediums, paint and texture paste. Can also be used as a coloring agent for any paste or primer.

How to use

Method 1: Apply on the surface of the dry powder and then sprinkle it using clean water; Method 2: first dampen the canvas, and then sprinkle the powder; Method 3: Dissolve powder in a small amount of water and use it as a watercolors or inks; Method 4: for painting, powder can be added to the mediums, paints or textured pastes.

Highly pigmented powders, may leave stains on hands, cloth. If necessary wear hand gloves while working.

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